Leaving Blogger for Monkeyman

Blogger served me well, but Monkeyman is the powerhouse I needed

I already said it before, when I was still hosting my blog at Google Blogger, but I just had to leave Blogger. I'm not going to repeat all of the arguments, but here are at least some of the things I was missing:

  • Markdown support
  • Offline editing support
  • Offline preview support
  • Easy customization support
  • An easy way to add other web pages
  • HAML for templates

So I got angry. Really angry. So angry that I almost stopped blogging at all. And still, if I managed to find a way to surpress my anger and tried posting another blog post through blogger, there was always something that went terribly wrong. I always had to go in and try to come up with fixes because of the way it was rendering my post.

Goodbye itch

So what do you do? In eventually decided I would roll my own. I could of course have tried using Tumblr, Wordpress or any of the other blogging solutions out there, but honestly, I've been there before, and I just couldn't bear having to wade through the configuration options, figuring out how the different plugins work, and then go through the painful excercise of learning how the templating solution works.

So this is my first post using my homegrown Monkeyman static web site generator. I just generate the pages locally, and then upload the site to S3. Monkeyman makes sure I can use a template language I feel comfortable with, and gives me all the other things I didn't find in Blogger.